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Bird's Eye Rhyolite ‘Volcanic Universe’ long scarf

Bird's Eye Rhyolite ‘Volcanic Universe’ long scarf

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Bird's Eye Rhyolite from Chihuahua, Mexico

  • Rock type: spherulitic rhyolite
  • Photomicrograph: transmitted, cross-polarized light

Mineral and color guide:

  • glass groundmass: black
  • quartz: white to black
  • hematite: deep red

Wrap up in this flowy geo-printed long scarf to show off your unique style.  Choose from two fabrics: NEW silk habotai (95% translucent through the backside) and semi-sheer polychiffon (70% translucent through the backside). Finished with a machined baby rolled edge hem. Choose from two sizes, 10" x 45" or 16" x 72".

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