Collection: Larimar

What is Larimar?

The Dominican Republic is the only location you can find the semi-precious larimar. This rare rock is formed in veins and vugs of the host basalt. Composed mainly of the mineral pectolite, larimar ranges in color from pale blue to green-blue to deep blue. 

The blue color of the pectolite is unique to the Dominican Republic location, whereas common white to gray pectolite is found worldwide. The cause of the varying colors is still being researched but is thought to be associated with copper mineralization and other trace elements such as manganese.

Under the Microscope

The cross-polarized light design shows a different side of the mosaic blue rock. Our Mikado design shows the beginning formation of needle-like pectolite replacing natrolite. The rainbow of colors of the pectolite combined with the overlapping parallel patterns creates a bold and colorful cross-hatch texture.