Free Shipping in the USA on orders of $100+

Free Shipping in the USA on orders of $100+





Plane-polarized transmitted light image of Malachite from Bisbee, Arizona




Plane-polarized transmitted light image of Petrified Wood from Eden Valley, Wyoming



NWA 7034

Cross-polarized transmitted light image of the Martian polymict regolith breccia meteorite



NWA 6950


Cross-polarized transmitted light image of the lunar gabbro meteorite

Petoskey Stone Collection

Petoskey Stone

The Petoskey stone is a silicified coral from the Devonian period about ~420 to 360 million years ago. During that period, Michigan was a tropical reef …

Petoskey istock
20180810 TJ Fresco wrapskirt_617x800px

Full Circle Wrap Skirts

Available in 1 size to fit many body types

Choose from 2 fabric types:

-Medium weight peachskin jersey

-Light weight matte crepe


A journal for every idea, every plan, every adventure…

Photo courtesy of NASA

Bags for every occasion

For traveling or simply on the go….

Zipper Carry-alls

Tote bags

Travel kits

Sloan Kimberlite

The Sloan Kimberlite group consists of 6 known kimberlite bodies within the State Line district of northern Colorado…

sloan sq img 2

Sloan Kimberlite Collection


Shimmering green to silver in radiating sprays of the mineral clinochlore, the feathery texture of seraphinite is transferred beautifully in thin section…

Seraphinite with flower

Seraphinite Collection


at Terra Persona…

At Terra Persona, it is important to us that we consider the impact of our actions on the world around us.  Buzz words like sustainability are often tossed around by companies without any backing. However, our words and our work must be authentic. Before launching our online store, we spent a year researching ways to develop products…

matthew smith sappling_329x648_300dpi


A pencil case for holding more than just pencils….


Found only in the Dominican Republic, this beautiful blue stone resembles the clear blue coastal waters of its origin.  Under the microscope, we see a wilder side of larimar…

Larimar nodule

Larimar Collection

science . art . sustainability . ethics

Ocean Jasper Collection

Ocean Jasper

The mystique and wildness of Madagascar, this stone’s locality, shows itself brilliantly under the microscope. The black and white tones of quartz …

Ocean Jasper

Bird’s Eye Rhyolite

Found in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua, this stone is a beautiful product of volcanism and alteration. The resulting spherulitic pattern of the rock looks …


Bird’s Eye Rhyolite Collection


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