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Garnet+Sillimanite Metapelite (Oygarden Group-Antarctica) unisex lounge pants

Garnet+Sillimanite Metapelite (Oygarden Group-Antarctica) unisex lounge pants

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Metapelite pod 1: sillimanite-rich layer
Oygarden Group, Shaula Island, Antarctica
  • High Mg-Al gneiss
  • Photomicrograph: transmitted, cross-polarized light

Mineral and color guide:

  • sillimanite: oranges
  • garnet: black
  • feldspar: greys

Sometimes life can be constricting and uncomfortable, but thanks to these super comfortable peachskin lounge pants, your pants no longer have to be! Available in five unisex sizes, in regular or tall length, they’re able to satisfy every desire you’ve had for cozy pants. Whether you’re jetting out to a yoga class, boarding a plane, or working from home, these geo-inspired lounge pants will have you covered! 

  • Made from our ultra soft peachskin jersey in 92% polyester and 8% spandex
  • Available in 5 unisex sizes, in regular and tall lengths, to fit a variety of bodies
  • Fully printed 1.5” wide elastic waistband
  • Convenient front side pockets
  • Printed on demand with permanent sublimation inks that won’t wash out or fade

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