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Dhofar 287 Lunar Basalt Meteorite vegan leather tote bag

Dhofar 287 Lunar Basalt Meteorite vegan leather tote bag

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Lunar Basalt meteorite find in Oman

  • Occurrence: Low-Titanium olivine/pyroxene mare basalt meteorite
  • Photomicrograph: transmitted, cross-polarized light

Mineral and color guide:

  • pyroxene: white to grey, rainbow (mostly darker)
  • olivine: rainbow (mostly lighter)
  • maskelynite (glass): black
    School days, vacation days, or business days, the printed vegan leather tote bag is perfect for everyday! Custom printed photomicrographs on textured vegan pebble leather with inner pockets and professional finishing, vegan leather totes are large enough to fit a 16” laptop but not so large as to weigh you down. Featuring full color permanent print with UV inks, vegan leather tote bags are made on-demand just for you and are strong enough to keep up with your busy lifestyle.
    • Made from vegan pebble leather fabric
    • Solid color straps, base, and detailing in black
    • Magnetic snap closure
    • Navy blue lining with inner pockets

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