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Dhofar 287 Lunar Basalt Meteorite necktie

Dhofar 287 Lunar Basalt Meteorite necktie

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Lunar Basalt meteorite find in Oman

  • Occurrence: Low-Titanium olivine/pyroxene mare basalt meteorite
  • Photomicrograph: transmitted, cross-polarized light

Mineral and color guide:

  • pyroxene: white to grey, rainbow (mostly darker)
  • olivine: rainbow (mostly lighter)
  • maskelynite (glass): black

              We care deeply about product quality, durability and the environment so we make this product using a polyester twill fabric, milled from recycled plastic bottles, that mimics the look and feel of silk. Made in the USA.

              • width 2.75"
              • standard length 58"

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