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What is Malachite?

The beautiful green mineral, malachite, is easy to identify and popular to collect. Malachite, Cu2CO3(OH)2, is a secondary copper mineral that forms near the surface. After fluids leach copper from surrounding rocks, it then combines with carbonate from the fluid or a rock such as limestone. Malachite is commonly found with another stunning carbonate mineral, rich-blue azurite, as shown in the picture above.

Our specimen is from a famous copper-producing locality in Bisbee, Arizona, which is known for its outstanding quality and variety of malachite. 

Under the Microscope

Using plane-polarized light, the intense green of malachite changes into a more earthy olive-green color. The banded texture in this specimen is showcased in a variety of ways… what’s your favorite?

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Transmitted, Plane-Polarized Light

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