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Terra Persona’s mission is to provide quality personal and home decor products that bridge science and art, that inspire and educate, and that fulfill ethical and sustainable practices.


About me

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Teresa Johnson

Founder and geologist

I’ve collected rocks with my mom for as long as I can remember, even if I couldn’t tell you what they were besides “pretty.” Now, I understand what those rocks are and how they formed.

I’m a 2010 BS and 2015 MS geology alumna from Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO, and I love everything about rocks under the microscope. I began my geology career working at a mining exploration company, and I’m currently a petrographic consultant for engineering and exploration companies.

In 2017, I founded Terra Persona with Mandi Hutchinson. Mandi left Terra Persona in 2018 to focus on her and her husband’s company, Alta Gema. Not only do they curate beautiful minerals from around the world, but they also have unique and spectacular self-collected specimens from around the U.S. Check out Alta Gema on Facebook and Instagram.

My husband, Matthias, and I are empty nesters that live in Colorado. We plan to sell the house and travel as digital nomads once the pandemic subsides. When I’m not looking down the microscope, I’m fermenting something in the kitchen or adventuring outdoors looking for more “pretty” rocks.

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